Metric Corporation | Geoffrey S. Caraboolad - Metric Corporation

Geoffrey S. Caraboolad is not a typical CEO. As both a builder and a developer, Geoff brings a unique viewpoint to Metric, offering firsthand construction experience as well as insight from the owner’s perspective. He collaborates with clients and their designers from inception, contributing a wealth of knowledge to establish the groundwork for success.

A carpenter by trade and a perfectionist by nature, Geoff is actively engaged with each project; weekly updates keep him apprised of the status, giving him the opportunity to offer his expertise so projects stay on track. Clients quickly find that Metric is committed to their goals, acting as a partner, not just a contractor.

Our exceptional management teams are driven by Geoff’s mantra that mediocrity is not an option. We strive to compete at the highest level, a goal we’ve met for more than thirty years.